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If you have reached this page, you have tried to access an area that is available to members only and you are not "Logged In".    If you have a User Name and Password, please "Log In" then try again.

If you are a member of the Seaford Yacht Club and wish to have access to the members' only area, complete the form below which will send a request for a user name and a password to the Seaford Yacht Club webmaster.

Your name, address, and email address will be validated against membership records.  When your membership is validated you will be emailed a User Name and password.  You may specify a particular User Name that you would like to use, and if it is available, it will be used.    You should allow 24-to-48 hours for this process to occur.

Once you receive your User Name and password, you can "Log In" and access the members' area.  One of the things you can do is change your password to one you would like by selecting "Members' Area>Profile Update".

Helpful hint(s):

1.  Two or more members cannot sign on with the same ID and password AT THE SAME TIME--you would need separate IDs and email addresses.

2.  You can only use an email address once.  If two members of the household want different IDs for sigining on, you will need two different IDs and EMAIL ADDRESSES (you may use the same password).

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