Reciprocal Yacht Clubs

Seaford Yacht Club has reciprocity agreements with the yacht clubs listed below. A summary of what they offer us, as well as contact information is included. Letters from the reciprocal clubs are in a binder titled RECIPROCITY AGREEMENTS and can be found on the sign-in table in the SYC Barnacle. These letters fully explain the reciprocity agreements.  Additionally, a copy of the reciprocity agreements are in the Members' Area.  Please review the reciprocity letter of any club you may visit to preclude any misunderstandings.

Fishing Bay Yacht Club (2017 Data)

Location: 37° 32.5'N 76° 20.0'W 2711Buford Road, #309, Bon Air VA 23235
Availability: Free first 24 hours (as available)
Contact: Dock Chairman is David Clark (To be updated)
Phone Number: (804) 730-2568 (H) (804) 338-6995 (C) (to be updated)
Email: dbclark17atVerizondotnet  (dbclark17atVerizondotnet)    (To be updated)
Web Page:

Hampton Yacht Club (2017 Data)

Location: 37° 01' 12.52"N 76° 20' 38.43"W
Availability: One Free Slip/year (as available), Afterwards, $1.50/foot
Amenities: Electric is $5 for 30 amp, $8 for 50 amp, $20 for 100 Amp service
Contact: Harbor Masters Dinio Kunic/Mike Nash 757-423-4500
Phone Number: (757) 423-4500
Web Page:

Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club (2017 Data)

Location: 37.6997°N 76.3398°WKilmarnock VA 22482
Availability: Second night dockage at no charge with a two night stay.  First night fees are $1.75 per foot per day with minimum charge of $40 plus electrical charge of $7 per day for 30 amp service and $12 for 50 amp or two 30 amp service.  Also a $0.10 per foot dockage discount for groups of five or more boats
Amenities: Use of dining room, grill room, bar, golf course, tennis courts, and swimming pool (fees for golf and tennis available upon making reservations)
Contact: Port Captain Skip Cousins (804) 296-4480, icyccportcaptainatgmaildotcom, Club office (804) 435-1340 for docking arrangements and dinner reservations.  Golf Pro Shop (804) 435-3130Tennis Pro (804) 435-2713
Web Page:

Mathews Yacht Club (2017 Data)

Location: 37°27.8'N 76°18.6'WYacht Club Road, Matthews VA 23109
Availability: One Free Slip Each Month (as available).
Amenities: Use of dining room, bar, and swimming pool
Contact: Club Manager is Mark Letchworth
Phone Number: (804) 725-3165
Email: mycmanagerathotmaildotcom
Web Page:
Contact: Fleet Captain is Chip Kinsey

Norfolk Yacht Club (2015 Data)

Location: 36.90848°N 76.30661°W
Availability: One Free Slip Each Year (as Available)
Contact: Dock Master is Dino Kunic or Mike Nash
Phone Number: (757) 423-4500 ext 138
Web Page:

Old Point Comfort Yacht Club (2015 Data)

Location: 37° 22'N 76° 20'W
Availability: Since Fort Monroe was closed as an active Army Post in September of 2011 and is now open to the general public, DOD identification no longer is required.  The reciprocity rate is $1 per foot for one night per year (includes electricity and water).  Boat US and Marina Life members rates of $1.50 per foot per night, unlimited length of stay
Amenities: Water, electric (30/50 amp), pump out, laundry, restrooms and showers. (Not confirmed in 2015 agreement)
Contact: Mr Terry Bureau, Marina Manager, (757) 788-4308Old Point Comfort Marina
Contact: June O'Brien, Rear Commodore, Fleet, (757) 335-3385 / svladyellaataoldotcomAndrea Berndt, Fleet Captain, (757) 850-8141 / aberndtatcoxdotnet  (aberndtatcoxdotnet)  
Web Page:

Poquoson Yacht Club (2015 Data)

Location: 37°06'32.8"N 076°19'05.2"W417 Messick Road, Poquoson VA 23662
Availability: One Free Slip Each Month (as available)
Amenities: Water, electrical, pump-out facility and showers are not available. Use of dining facilities and bar during member socials/dinners on Friday from 6:00 to 9:00 pm
Contact: Kathy Myers, Fleet Captain / kathymyers113atcoxdotnet  (kathymyers113atcoxdotnet)  
Phone Number: (757) 868-7792 (Club house number)
Web Page:

Solomons Island Yacht Club, Inc. (2017 Data)

Location: 38°19.292'N 076° 27.417'W
Availability: Slip fees are $1.50 per foot
Amenities: Electric is $7 for 30 amp; $12 for 50 amp service
Contact: Al Redfield, Dock Master
Phone Number: (703) 217-8619
Web Page: